Friday, August 21, 2015

Five-Minute Friday: FIND

On the kind of day when the not-quite-as-hot summer sun almost seems like it’s ready to yield to fall, there’s nothing better than piling a bunch of grouchy children into a van and driving to a completely new place to pick some peaches with cousins. End of summer bliss, those peaches…juicy, fresh, with just the right amount of fuzz, glowing rosy-cheeked yellow against the blue sky. I could eat a hundred and let the juice run down my chin, down my wrists…and the more I told my kids about it, the more excited I was.

This made it all the worse when the GPS left me stranded in the middle of a residential area on a dead-end street, miles from any orchard but surrounded by streets with different kinds of apples for names. "Destination is on your left." Um, no. It's not. Completely unhelpful. Completely frustrated. With the children growing louder and more restless by the second and my phone battery running lower by the minute, I fought to squash the rising fear.

We’ll never find it.

Pulled over on the side of the road, fumbling with maps and apps and facebook pages, I eventually got us back on track. We pulled back on the road, drove a few miles, and turned into the parking lot to meet my sister-in-law only 45 minutes later than we’d planned.

Luckily for me, she’s a gracious woman…and as the children tumbled out of the van and I tried to get my feet under me, there were nothing but smiling faces there to greet us. The cousins embraced. We outfitted ourselves with bags and headed out into the row upon row of green arched branches in search of fruit- off to find the perfect peach.

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