Friday, August 7, 2015

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When I look around here, sometimes all I can see is the mess.

There are Legos trickling out into the hallway from Sam's room, and there's toothpaste on the wall outside the bathroom. I'm not even going to look in the sink. A tiny plastic pig is lying under the kitchen table, stranded on his back with four stick-like legs pointing helplessly into the air. He's been there all day. I'm not sure anyone is coming to save him.

There are remnants of Spartan battle attire and swords made from PVC pipe littering the bathroom floor, and someone's rainbow sock is on the front porch. I have no idea where the other sock is.

It is easy to see the mess here. It would be easy to let the mess be the only thing I see.

But tonight, I look at a wiggly, giggly tangle of arms and legs here on the sofa, and I see more.

They're crowded around a book, as they always are this time of night...a book held by their dad, who always squishes himself into the middle of the chaos and reads to them before bed. How many times have they crowded around him, around this book, laughing and soaking up the words I loved as a child? This book, like so many others that line our shelves and sit in stacks on our floors and under our bedside tables, has been dearly loved. Its words have been treasures to me for years. Right here, right in the front, is the inscription from my friend Brenda on my seventh birthday...and now my almost-seven-year-old is throwing his head back and laughing at the same poems I've loved.

What's going on here is a lot more than messy. It's life. There's so much good in it. And if things are a mess, they're a beautiful mess, because the mess is proof we're alive.

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