Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday morning, and not quite enough


We're at the beginning again, staring down another week while Monday's child throws herself defiantly on the floor in the hallway and refuses to get dressed, and I'm not sure I have enough to go around today.

Lucy was apoplectic this morning because we were out of Crunchy Oat Squares and Nora had taken the pink bowl for herself. Lucy NEEDS the pink bowl, but there's only one...and not being able to pull off a miraculous bowl-multiplying situation, I was forced to try more conventional sibling conflict resolution methods (with mixed results). There's already cereal on the floor. Felix just dumped a bunch of toys into the bathtub, where water is standing from our morning showers because the drain is clogged again.

They weren't bathtub toys.

After houseguests and a wonderful first birthday celebration last week, we are not completely ready, perhaps, to tackle Monday and all its Mondayishness.

There might not be enough coffee for today, y'all.

Today, I'm over at Blessed Is She sharing about loaves and fishes and feeling thankful that Jesus always knows what we need, especially when we aren't quite enough to go around...especially when we can't meet all the needs by ourselves.

Head over and check it out here...and tell me, how can I pray for you this week? Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail.