Saturday, October 24, 2015

31 Days, day 24: Silence.



I could have almost laughed out loud at this prompt, but since we've established that I carry my joy down deep instead of just below the surface where it can splash people, I didn't.

I did smile wryly.

Silence is hard to come by around here.

I stay up way too late sometimes, just because it's quiet...and because my kids have that ultra-radar hearing that enables them to wake up just before I do on mornings when I try to sneak out early.

Even at night, when everyone's asleep, we don't have silence. They're all light sleepers, so they sleep with white noise in their rooms. Even at its quietest, our house really does produce a low roar.

I'm not sure how to reconcile the lack of silence with my deep need for it. There are at least a handful of someones talking almost all the time here, and sometimes I want to just cover my ears and say, "Ssssssshhhh!"

I don't really want them to stop talking to me altogether. I know it's important for me to listen now to the little stuff (which isn't little at all, of course) so that they'll want to tell me things later, when there is Big Stuff to be discussed.

I know that. I want them to talk. I really do.

I just wish they would talk a little more quietly.