Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Cream Recipe

Well, it's here...the big snow of the year! The one we've all been waiting for!

In case you are:

1. Watching the snow from inside,

2. Hungry (and craving something cold and sweet?),

3. Feeling like experimenting but not working too hard,

here is our family's favorite snow cream recipe.

I've written about my love for this treat before. I know it doesn't taste like ice cream, but that's part of why I like it. Snow cream is a stand-alone food- no ice cream comparisons needed.

Have you made snow cream before? What do you put in yours?

Make some...make up your own version...add bananas or cinnamon or Nestle Quick or something, and let me know how it goes. We're all about the variations...and it looks like we have plenty of snow to experiment with this time.