Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A little get-together with the Midwest

I've always been curious about the Midwest. Maybe it was all those Little House books I read as a kid. I'm a lifelong east coast girl with a brief stint as an Alaskan, and the mysterious expanse in the middle (the prairie?) has always intrigued me.

Early in our marriage, George interviewed for a pastoral position at a church in Iowa. We flew out to visit in February. As the plane descended over the frozen earth, I looked down at the grid of brown squares, stretching for miles in all directions, and could only think one thing-

It's so flat.

Perhaps the hearts of the people in the Midwest develop such deep and compassionate contours in contrast to the landscape. I have found my friends from the middle of the country to be some of the kindest, most loyal, most loving people I know. They are truly what is meant by "salt of the earth." When I need solid, practical advice drawn from a deep well of caring, these are the people I know I can ask.

That's why I am so excited to be coming out to the Midwest this summer for the first-ever Finding Your Fiat conference.

When Bonnie Engstrom first floated this idea, I knew it would fill a need for many of us. The internet has made it easier to find community with kindred spirits, but we still crave those real-life, face-to-face encounters with women who get us, with whom we can drink warm, cozy beverages (or cool fizzy ones) and swap hugs and laughs and maybe a few tears.

We need to affirm each other in the ways God is calling us- each of us- into a beautiful, unique story that He has dreamed for us.

This summer, we'll have that chance.

And I can't wait to put on my honorary Midwesterner shoes (wait, what are those? probably cute flats, right? is that ridiculously stereotypical?) and join you.

Are you coming? Will I get to meet you in person? There are still tickets available here for both Friday night's event and the Saturday conference sessions. Let's hang out- you, me, and these amazing people!