Our Bookshelf

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We love to share what books we're enjoying as a family. We'll keep our recommendations brief and hope they'll be helpful to you. I don't participate with Amazon as an affiliate, so any links here are just for your reference (I often link to Goodreads instead). I encourage you to frequent your local library and to support your local bookseller or used book store...a little personal service can be such a wonderful help to a reader!

What I'm currently reading:

I gave up on the Harvard Classics. I realized that my limited reading time could be better spent on things I actually want to read, instead of just random snippets that someone else decided were important. Maybe someday, I'll go back for them when I have access to the actual books. Until then, here's what I'm enjoying:

  •  The Brothers Karamazov - the last book club selection for our Well Read Mom group last year. I am determined to finish it and am slogging my way through via Kindle, my paperback copy, and a Librivox recording that I've been listening to in the evenings while I'm cleaning the kitchen. It's slow, slow going, but I am going to make it. I want to have read this book...and I do love Alyosha.
  •  Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham- currently re-reading this as part of a parenting class I'm taking online with my husband. There are lots of parenting books, but this is the first one that I've encountered where there is a strong focus on regulating my own emotions instead of just trying to change my children's behavior. Since I'm usually the one flying off the handle, this is a good angle for me.

Sam, age 7 3/4:

Favorite book of all time: He's thinking about it. It's a hard question.

What Sam is really into now: Knights. King Arthur. Castles. Ballistas and trying to build one in the backyard. Robots. Chess. Snap Circuits. Learning Spanish on Duolingo. Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. Practicing Chinese calligraphy. Mysteries. Star Wars. Secret code and anything related to spies. Riding his bicycle as fast as possible.

What Sam is currently reading: The Trumpeter of Krakow by Eric P. Kelly.

What he thinks of it so far: "I think I'm really going to like it."

Nora, age 4:

Favorite book of all time: Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans

What Nora's really into now: Being a mama to her dolls. Reading about Laura Ingalls Wilder and pretending to be her. Art, especially painting and drawing people. Pretending to be a ballerina. Playing Star Wars. Riding her tricycle on the driveway.

 Lucy, age 4:

Favorite book of all time: Rapunzel.

What Lucy's really into now: princesses, all kinds. The Nutcracker ballet. Pretending to be a princess from the Nutcracker ballet. Light saber battles with her brothers. "Reading" to Felix. Olympic gymnastics.

What Lucy likes to read most: The Nutcracker by Susan Jeffers

Felix, age 2:

Felix's hobbies: dumping everything out. Opening cabinets and then dumping everything out. Playing with his trucks, cars and Duplo blocks. Yelling excitedly at the garbage truck when it comes. Dancing to anything music-like. Pretending to take photos with cameras (both real and pretend).

Felix's Favorite: Tom and Pippo's Day by Helen Oxenbury

Our current family read-aloud: Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

24178 We often do our read-alouds while the kids are eating lunch, which means their mouths and their hands are both occupied. Otherwise, we have out drawing materials, magnetic blocks or something to keep little hands busy while we're reading. I love Charlotte's Web and was looking forward to reading it myself, voices and all...but lately, we have been spending some significant time in the car and have been enjoying an audio version read by the author. It's really wonderful, even though he doesn't do the voices I would do.

Book Links we recommend:

The Read-Aloud Revival Podcast with Sarah Mackenzie. This is one of the best places I know of to get inspired to read aloud more often. If you're already reading aloud regularly, you'll be treated to interviews with authors and a general warm, fuzzy feeling of affirmation that what you are doing is important and valuable.

Aslan's Library. Although this site hasn't been recently updated, I still turn to Haley and Sarah's honest reviews of great theological books for children.

Storyformed. A collection of booklists and reviews of books for children that foster imagination by Sarah Clarkson.

More links on the way...stay tuned!