How we homeschool

Around here, we keep our homeschooling flexible and relaxed. Our family culture is one of curiosity and lifelong learning, so everyone is learning all the time. Here are some posts about what homeschooling looks like here.

Project-based learning

Vikings before Sunrise: accounting for differences in tempo (between children, or between parent and child) in project-based learning

My homeschooling "conversion": a story about the first time I realized I could really love homeschooling

When creativity makes me grumpy: a post about how "loose parts" sometimes drive me crazy, even though I know how good they are for my kids

The balloon car "failure": a post about a project gone completely wrong and what we learned

The Roman Aqueducts: a post about project-based learning in action

The Homeschooling FAQ- Our Answers: answering seven of the most commonly asked questions from those we know and love